TJ VanToll

Developer Advocate for Telerik

is a developer advocate for Telerik, a jQuery team member, and the author of jQuery UI in Action. TJ has over a decade of web development experience—specializing in performance and the mobile web—and speaks about his research at conferences around the world. TJ is @tjvantoll on Twitter and tjvantoll on GitHub.

TJ VanToll’s articles

Why Web Components Aren’t Ready for Production… Yet

Web components are the new hotness. And now that a complete web components implementation landed in Chrome 36, we finally have stable, unprefixed, unflagged version to try out.

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on September 02, 2014

5 Strategies for Building Mobile Apps with Telerik

Traveling down the mobile development road can be challenging, given the diversity of mobile projects and the diversity of strategies available to build out mobile solutions.

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on September 03, 2014

March '15

Web Forms, MVC, Web API, SignalR. How can I choose just ONE?

Every day there are new inventions and new techniques, quickly pushing aside the older generation in favor of the new and shiny. ASP.NET is no different, with the addition of MVC, WebPages, WebAPI, SignalR, and SPA frameworks. Each one of these frameworks added something new to the ASP.NET landscape and made software developers ask themselves: Do I re-write my website to use “technology x”?

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