Cody Lindley

Front-end developer, Developer Advocate for Telerik

Cody Lindley is a front-end developer working as a developer advocate for Telerik focused on the Kendo UI tools. He lives in Boise, ID with his wife and three children. You can read more about Cody on his site or follow him on Twitter at @codylindley.

Cody Lindley’s articles

UI for Android out of Beta, Ready for Primetime. New Controls and a Limited Time Offer

This week marks an important milestone in Telerik’s mobile story - it is the official release of our native mobile suites - UI for Android and UI for iOS.

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on September 03, 2014

4 Extensions and Apps that Fill the Gaps in Chrome DevTools

Do a search online for “must have chrome extensions/applications” or “top XX chrome extensions/applications” for front-end developers and you will most certainly find several cliche articles containing a random curated list of extensions/applications.

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on September 03, 2014

Using Everlive Push Notifications Service in your native iOS app

Push notifications are useful for keeping users informed with timely and relevant contents. Push notifications can be sent regardless whether the app is running, inactive or in the background. Notifications can display an alert; play a distinctive sound or update badge on your app icon.

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on October 04, 2014

March '15

Web Forms, MVC, Web API, SignalR. How can I choose just ONE?

Every day there are new inventions and new techniques, quickly pushing aside the older generation in favor of the new and shiny. ASP.NET is no different, with the addition of MVC, WebPages, WebAPI, SignalR, and SPA frameworks. Each one of these frameworks added something new to the ASP.NET landscape and made software developers ask themselves: Do I re-write my website to use “technology x”?

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