Burke Holland

Web Developer

Burke Holland is a web developer living in Nashville, TN. He enjoys working with and meeting developers who are building mobile apps with jQuery / HTML5 and loves to hack on social API's. Burke works for Telerik as a Developer Advocate focusing on Kendo UI. Burke is @burkeholland on Twitter.

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Announcing Telerik Everlive, mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) from Telerik

Today we are excited to officially announce an important addition to Telerik’s mobile offering: Telerik Everlive, our new backend as a service (BaaS). Built to tightly integrate with Telerik products (as well as non-Telerik products), Everlive closes the loop for Telerik customers looking to take their mobile strategy to the next level.

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on October 04, 2014

March '15

Web Forms, MVC, Web API, SignalR. How can I choose just ONE?

Every day there are new inventions and new techniques, quickly pushing aside the older generation in favor of the new and shiny. ASP.NET is no different, with the addition of MVC, WebPages, WebAPI, SignalR, and SPA frameworks. Each one of these frameworks added something new to the ASP.NET landscape and made software developers ask themselves: Do I re-write my website to use “technology x”?

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