Brian Rinaldi

Developer Content Manager at Telerik

Brian Rinaldi is the Developer Content Manager at Telerik focused on ensuring that the Developer Relations team creates top notch content for the web development community.. For fun Brian founded a site called Flippin’ Awesome which is a popular site for web and mobile developers. You can follow Brian via @remotesynth on Twitter.

Brian Rinaldi’s articles

Five Hidden Costs of Selenium

if you’re looking to evaluate Selenium IDE or Selenium WebDriver (please don’t conflate the two!), you must be aware of the costs when you move into either of those tools.

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on September 03, 2014

March '15

Web Forms, MVC, Web API, SignalR. How can I choose just ONE?

Every day there are new inventions and new techniques, quickly pushing aside the older generation in favor of the new and shiny. ASP.NET is no different, with the addition of MVC, WebPages, WebAPI, SignalR, and SPA frameworks. Each one of these frameworks added something new to the ASP.NET landscape and made software developers ask themselves: Do I re-write my website to use “technology x”?

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