Form Validation With ExpressJS

by John Bristowe on October 04, 2014

Express Web Framework has just recently become my framework of choice. I realize that Node seems like a bandwagon that everyone is jumping on, but consider this:

  • Express is tiny (~5MB footprint before additions)
  • No compiled references to add or maintain
  • A vibrant package community and brilliant dependency management system
  • No giant configuration files
  • It runs on any platform

It can be a bit frustrating to get comfortable with Express mostly due to the lack of extensive documentation for it's API's, but once you get the hang of it, it's like finally mastering the Shoryuken. For those of you too young to remember Street Fighter 2, I apologize for that reference.

But as Levar Burton used to say, "You don't have to take my word for it". Strap on your scarf and skinny jeans and let's take a look at how Express really holds up under some pretty fundamental requirements.

You can grab the completed code for this project or view the demo.

Registration And Login

Most apps start with a login/registration form. This sounds simple, but every time I build a form, I forget how much logic is involved. It's a good test for a web application framework since it involves request routing, form posting, session state, security, backend data operations and client/server data validation.

I am going to be using Everlive as my back-end data store for users. Telerik Everlive is a back-end service (sometimes referred to as a "Cloud") that offers data storage, user management, roles, email, push notifications and much much more. The best part is that developer accounts are completely free.

I'm just going to create a sample Everlive project called "Dashboard", and I'll think of something witty to set as the description.


John Bristowe

Principal Developer Advocate with Telerik

John Bristowe (@JohnBristowe) is a Principal Developer Advocate with Telerik and lives in Australia. Prior to joining Telerik, he was a Senior Developer Evangelist with Microsoft.

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