First Everlive-powered game released

by Evan Hutnick on October 04, 2014

We contacted them to get more information on how they used Everlive in their game and what was the development experience with our service. It turned out to be a really interesting story, so we decided to share it with everyone here, on our official blog.

In the following paragraphs you will learn how the developers from Enless Soft used Everlive to make a great cloud-enabled app with minimum efforts. The following Everlive features and concepts will be covered or mentioned:

  • Security system
  • .NET SDK
  • File storage
  • Data storage
  • Client data synchronization
  • Master key access
  • Cloud code
  • Power fields

About the game

As mentioned above, Jigsaw Puzzles HD is a picture puzzle game. Everything there is about images. The game turns them into jigsaw puzzles and challenges you to match all the pieces. You can read more and download the game from its official page in the Windows Store.

We’ve tried to present the whole story here: from the problems through their actual solution and implementation in Everlive to the plans for the future.

How it all started

Jigsaw Puzzles HD is a successor of Jigsolve Me!, a picture puzzle game for Windows Phone. Jigsolve Me! was one of the first apps that Enless Soft released for Windows Phone, around two years ago.

The devs really wanted to have a Windows 8 version of the game. They planned to add some new features and additional means to monetize their app. The Windows Phone version only had “free” and “paid” versions, and the new version had to have in-app purchases.


Of course, while the devs were planning the porting of the game to the new platform, they faced some challenges and had to make decisions on how to overcome them.

Size of images

The Windows 8 version of the game is targeted on tablets and desktop PCs. This means the images have to be in much higher resolution, making them large in size. To enable this the images must be downloaded on demand, not included in the installation package.

Dynamically adding new images

The developers wanted to be able to constantly add new images to the game. They wanted to enable in-app purchases as a means to monetize their app and wanted to be able to release many paid image packs without releasing new version of the app to the marketplace.

Integrating the Windows Phone version

The Windows Phone version of the app must also be updated to support the new features and new ways to monetize. For this all the data must be and infrastructure must be shared so that users have seamless experience.


Last but not least comes the pricing. Enless Soft is a startup company and it is important for them to have a service that can scale along with them. It was very important for them to have a low starting price and only pay real money when they make real money.

Evan Hutnick

Technical Lead at Telerik

Evan Hutnick is a Technical Lead at Telerik focusing on helping customers deliver great software and understand the platforms they are using. When not at work, Evan is a part-time game developer and full-time father and husband. You can follow Evan on Twitter @evanhutnick.

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